Life (in a relationship) is made up of many little rituals and traditions, one of ours is definitely the #alternativethursday, a sort of midweek week-end where we travel, find out places or assist to live concerts as if it was Sunday, but it is actually Thursday. A breath of fresh air in the frustration of the working week, which often overwhelms us with its timetables, its races and its thousand commitments to hurry.
We know that, on Thursday, after 6 pm, it’s time for a break and no one can bother our positive mood.

On July 6th, it was time for “Monte delle Vigne”, a winery up in the hills of Parma, which arranges wine tastings with street-food (coincidentally) every Thursday of the month.

Obviously, we could not let us pass the chance to taste good wine, between the hilly breeze, the sun setting and the street-food meatballs! Therefore, we left at 6 pm and after 50 minutes by car, we were almost the first to arrive, and that allowed us to choose the best spot… the peculiarity of the happy hour at Monte delle Vigne is in fact the ability to eat sitting on grass with towels, pallet and pillows. A sort of picnic that reminds of many American outdoor parties and that surely gives a more extravagant touch to the location, which is in itself wonderful.

After taking a few pictures and peeping from far away the old farmhouse, we went to the buffet. We choose the “three-glasses tasting” option which, with 10 euros, offers you the chance to savor three different kinds of wine from their own production: a “Monte delle Vigne Brut Rosè” has accompanied our happy hour, while a “Nabucco” was paired with our dinner (unfortunately we had to abandon the idea of the third glass for obvious reasons).

The Food Truck “Dal Parmigiano” and “Osteria dei Mascalzoni” had several interesting proposals, including: fried dumplings with Parma ham, parmesan meatballs, vegan or strolghino burgers, roast beef with rocket salad and parmesan cheese, green tortelli and lambrusco focaccia with “tuna pork” … obviously, as meat lovers and traditional food enthusiasts that we are, the last two choice of the list have immediately conquered us.

The only two flaws of this alternative evening was the crowded influx of people who started arriving from about 8.30 pm and the huge amount of flies that didn’t allow the guests to eat with the due serenity … however we were in the open countryside, so who really cares?

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