After the disappointment of Lloret de Mar, I really needed a romantic vacation in the spirit of relax, that could erase the Spanish memories to replace them with Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita” frames. And for me only three regions are synonymous of pure relaxation: Tuscany, Apulia and Abruzzo … however, since I hadn’t been in the latter for seven years, Stefano wanted to make me a surprise, giving me a three night stay in my beloved valleys of Cerrano.

Silvi was one of the places where I spent more time with my family on summer: its air, its hills, its sea, its olive trees are able to give me a million memories and emotions, bringing me back to the time when I was only a little girl, a budding painter who watercolored these landscapes to bring them back to the teachers. The affective value that I associate with these landscapes is unmatched, and together with Volterra, it is one of my absolute favorite places in the world.

Unfortunately, years pass and Italians cover anything with concrete, targeting any tourist destination that produces a minimum profit … so, after seven years of absence, I almost couldn’t recognize the landscape that appeared to me, crossing the famous Salinello bridge! Luckily the destination we had booked was “Borgo Fonte Scura”: real poetry.

The hotel was fabulous, lying on a slope full of olive groves, it offered us a breathtaking view from Ancona to the Tremiti Islands: a turquoise-blue sea that welcomed us, as a real host, at the entrance, simulating almost a dive while we went downhill to get to the parking lots below. An amazing business card, preamble to how things were going to be in that wonderful corner of paradise …

The ancient Villa – which houses the reception, the large lounge, the kitchen and the seven rooms – were of a unique beauty and recently renovated: stone walls, wrought iron details, refined furnishings, the large fireplace, catapulted us to another era, allowing us to break away from the hectic routine of everyday life and to finally savor the otium, of which the ancient people talked.

The only action of “turning around” meant discovering new horizons, secret passages hidden by vineyards, panoramic terraces and endless scales that characterize the entire structure! A joy for our eyes which felt like explorers, in this world where everything is known and rationalized.

The staff were attentive and well prepared abut the places surrounding the Borgo (from Silvi, to Pescara, to Atri) and gave us great tips on trips and restaurants where we could sample typical local foods; Mr. Domenico has pampered us from arrival to departure and thanks to his help we discovered The Osteria della Loggia in Silvi Alta and the town of Atri.

Last but not least, we were lucky enough to try the touching cuisine of Daniele D’Alberto, who with his works was able to make the most sleeping palates vibrate: the Tortelli at Pecorino di Farindola, his battle horse, were an explosion of flavors … not to mention the Chocolate Mousse with oil and basil!

But “Borgo Fonte Scura” is poetry, because prose can not do justice to such a place …

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