Atri was our last stop in Abruzzo before returning to the family landscapes of Emilia Romagna and the unexpected pit-stop at Gradara Castle.

Located in the Terre del Cerrano’s territory, Atri is considered one of the most beautiful and characteristic art cities of the Middle Adriatic; a jewel that we couldn’t miss, only 9 km from Silvi Marina. Its appearance also reminded us of Volterra: for being perched on a hill, for the style of the houses and for the panorama that you can admire from its countless terraces (excluding the sea, of course).

The first and most important is certainly the Villa Comunale, a park that extends into the “caudal fin” of Atri, from which you can admire the sea and all the hilly landscape below.

Going back to your own steps and going towards the center of town, you will come across the magnificent Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, where you can visit the aisles restorations and the Capitol Museum. Rich in ecclesiastical works, the museum welcomes itinerant exhibitions in its foyer that develop the confrontation between Christianity and other spiritualities.

The Cathedral overlooks Piazza Duomo, together with the Municipal Theater, the Auditorium Sant’Agostino and the main streets of the city: Via Ferrante, where you can find the restaurant “Antichi Sapori” where we have lunch, Via Cicada that reaches the remains of the Roman Theater and Corso Elio Adriano, which ends in Piazza Duchi Acquaviva.

Do not let yourself be tempted by the narrow streets that, as sirens, bewitch the inexperienced visitor, but continue on the main street to reach Palazzo Ducale and its exhibitions; then there will be time to get lost in these streets, which the night turns on and that crowds of people.

Palazzo Ducale, where the city council is located, stands in its magnificence at the gates of Via Picena: the interiors and the underground are open to visitors and often host interesting exhibitions such as the marble one of Ugo Assogna (where I speak here) and the VAW one of Matteo Basilè.

After finishing the visit, you can finally get into the Atri of the narrow alleys, the unexpected glimpses and the thousand churches. Passing through the arch of Via Picena and overcoming the Church of St. Nicholas, in fact, the road tones green and miles other colors: they are the flowers that made this street the most flourishing of Italy and the umbrellas hung between one house and another. A show that is definitely not to be missed! 

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  1. This place looks gorgeous! I didn’t know such beautiful places existed in this world. I recently came back from Croatia and to be honest, before I went, I thought it would be average and plain, but I was so totally wrong.

    1. A lot of firends have told me the same thing about their trip to Croatia! I definitively have to go there one day … where were you in Croatia?

  2. I have the travel bug so bad, and now I’m desperate to visit Atri! I have to say, I’d most likely be tempted by those little alleyways. They’re so intriguing. But it’s good to know to stay to the main streets. The churches also sound incredible. I’d love to see all this in person one day!

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