About me

I am a compulsive traveller, travelling makes me feel good, gives me energy, makes me happy … and I have always known it, since childhood, when at age of eight my parents gave me a geographic atlas where I sought all the places where I would like to go: Valley of the Kings in Egypt, Lake Loch Ness in Scotland, tropical forest in Bolivia, red desert in Australia …

At the age of 5 I’ve stepped outside the countryside, going on holiday in Corsica and from there I never stopped. The journeys that I remember most affectionately are: the Remembrance trip in Auschwitz during my fourth grade; the graduation trip in Chicago with my “American family”; the sabbatical year in England when I learned to live with my strength, the crazy holiday in Playa del Carmen between Mayan ruins and 80 meter deep cenotes.

Despite all these fabulous experiences, Italy remains my favorite destination: we have 80% of the world’s cultural heritage and for a laureate in art it would be absurd to prefer other destinations to a pearl as my home. For this reason, I prefer to discover the hidden corners of the country where I live and share it with those who, like me, are in love with their own nation and still want to be enchanted by its sinuous hills, its excellent artists, its graceful food and its crystalline seas.

To this passion, almost aesthetically to the environment from which I am surrounded, I add photography that helps me bringing home all the wonders I see during my excursions.